April Give Back Sunday

Every second Sunday of the month we take a day to think about our Community and how our knits and fibre crafts can do good in our ‘hood. This morning as part of the Virtual Knit City marketplace, I’m using my paid market space to share some of the Community Building ideas we have embarked on over the years… join us at 9:30am!


Free Fibre Library Project

We also have an update on the free Yarn Library boxes that were presented in last month’s Give Back Sunday: our Fibre Library project has launched!!! There are currently FIVE fibre library-boxes in the works in communities all over the Greater Vancouver region. And we will be offering open source resources on how anyone can add a Fibre Library to their neighbourhood with tips and ideas on financing, embarking, and maintaining Fibre Library of one’s own! Check out my recent post on Community Grants that are currently taking applications until April 20th to fund projects just like this!


People have offered up their woodworking talents, grants writing skills, and extra yarn that’s been sitting on the shelf just waiting to be turned into something amazing. After pooling together these resources and more, we will create a fibre box template to share with the greater fibre community to assist with building fibre boxes of their own, as well as create a Facebook space where these resources and a map of all these Fibre Libraries can be further shared!


Keep an eye out for a blog post in the near future to celebrate the launch of these five Fibre Libraries as they go live!


Blanket Donations/Upcycle Program

Why not join us tomorrow in creating a fibre arts project for others for our monthly Give Back Sunday? Each month (on the second Sunday) we like to share updates on our current donation drives and other new knit/crochet/craft-for-others ideas that we hear about. Since posting about the Burnaby Linus Project, we have received a number of wonderful blanket donations. Here’s some of the recent that have come through our doors.

Photos of donated blankets. Courtesy of Baaad Anna’s Instagram.


Read more about the Burnaby Linus Project here; Any knit, crocheted, or quilt blankets can be donated directly to the Burnaby Linus Project via the email on their website, or be dropped off with us. We are so proud at the level of engagement we’ve had with our warm things drives. Let’s keep it going!

Thank you for all that you do, and happy Give Back Sunday tomorrow!

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