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As the temperature drops and we are beginning to reach for our favourite knits are you noticing some wear and tear from seasons past? A hole hear, a snag there? Don’t dispair, we can help! Join Holli for her amazing Mending Worksop next Saturday and learn the tips and skills to keep your knitted items in the condition they deserve and join the movement to reduce textile waste and repair over replace.

Mending Workshop with Holli Yeoh – Online via Zoom

We spend too much time on our hand knits to throw them away when they get a hole. Join Holli Yeoh for a three-hour, practical repair class. You’ll learn Swiss darning, stocking darning and how to use a knitted patch to repair a hole. The techniques are transferable to commercially made garments, as well.

Holli will share other repair strategies including needle felting to repair small holes.

Skill Level: Suitable for beginners and beyond.

Date: Saturday October 16th from 9:30am-12:30pm PT.

Instructor: Holli Yeoh of Holli Yeoh Designs

Holli feels strongly about fine craftsmanship, believing that while there’s more than one right way to do things, it’s important to do it right! To this end, she teaches skills that enable knitters to feel justified pride in their finished objects, while accommodating different knitting styles and preferences. Students leave her workshops with an arsenal of valuable techniques, deep understanding of the choices to be made in knitting, and new confidence.

Photo Courtesy of Holli Yeoh

To register call 604-255-2577, or register online here!

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