Give Back Sunday Fibre Library UPDATE

Welcome to the second Sunday of October, and a perfect time for our monthly reminder that fibre arts can be a collective enterprise. Our Give Back Sundays this month will be a highlight of our Fibre Library project as there have been a lot of new venues popping up recently. Fibre Libraries are spaces for you to take or leave fibre arts materials right in your own community, and there is some funding available through the Neighbourhood Small Grant program in communities all over BC that can help you get started on your own!


Fibre Libraries, like their little book library counterpart, is a grassroots initiative where anyone can build and/or host a little neighbourhood box where fibre art materials are shared in a ‘take what you need, give what you can’ basis. If you live in the Vancouver area, you’ve more than likely seen community library boxes on street corners or front lawns. The concept is simple: take a book, leave a book. Why not do the same with yarn?

We are making a call for volunteers who are interested in this project. We need:

  1. Volunteers to build the Yarn Lending Library.
  2. Volunteers to house them. Since these are community projects, they need to be housed in accessible locations.

The Baaad Anna’s team is more than happy to point to resources to help you start one in your neighbourhood, provide some fiber arts supplies, and add it to our map that the community can use to find these little libraries. Additionally, as a community project, there is the possibility to apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant to get funding for building supplies.

We just love the idea of a Lending Library because it’s a great way to connect with the community and provide free opportunities to try some new crafts. Not to mention, it’s a great Upcycling initiative to pass on yarns, rather than throw them away or go unused.

Interested in helping out? Shoot us a message by email at baaadannas@gmail.com and we can help you brainstorm how to start or connect you with others that already host if you need some ideas! There are various resources available on our open source Resource Page including information on building plans, funding opportunities and other considerations. If you have other resources to share, feel free to email us at baaadannas@gmail.com and we could add it to this community resource.



Where can you find these? We have a map linked in our website with the addresses of all locations!

Have yarn, fabric, buttons or other fibre art materials to donate? Use the map above to locate your nearest fibre library to donate to, or feel free to drop off your donation at our store during regular store hours and we will distribute amongst the various libraries. We only ask that all donations are smoke- and pest-free and that you divide out and ziplock the donations to make them weather-safe to survive the rainy wet coast!


Want other ideas on how you can tie Fibre Arts to social change? Just type ‘Give Back Sunday’ into our search function on this page, as there are so many ways to reach out with the medium of fibre and fabric. We have done charity knits, community programs and events, join me here to carve out the second Sunday of each month to challenge us to collectively think about this together.

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