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NEW YARN: Fireweed Fibre Co

The beauty of hand-dyed yarn is found in its subtlety. Not that colours need to be subtle, mind you, but rather that the colours in the knit fabric flow smoothly. Sometimes hand-dyed yarn just gets it right, and what we are seeing in Fireweed’s colourways is a delicate sprinkling of colours that work together, regardless of how unique the colour combo. 

Meghan’s Sweet Romance sock in the dark purple colourway.

Almost every staff member picked up a Valentine’s Day set. Meghan took the unique approach of doubling up the yarn that not only knit up twice as fast as standard socks, but also as a way of using up the whole skein of sock yarn! Here’s what Meghan had to say about hers:

“How did I find knitting with the Valentine’s sock set? I typically lean more toward sheep shades and earth tones, but I could not resist the “Sweet Romance” colourway. It’s pink but not cloyingly so, y’know? Count me as a Fireweed convert.

I went for Summer Lee’s Thicksgiving Socks pattern, which uses fingering weight yarn held double for a super quick and satisfying sock knit. The pattern was designed with mismatched scraps in mind, but using two strands of the same yarn held double yielded a lovely result! Doubling up a variegated yarn produces a marled fabric; subtler than single-strand splotches but still eye-catching. And by using up the entire skein, I had no new itty bitty pretty scraps to languish in my stash!

Sweet Pea Sock is super soft and puffy, but still feels nice and sturdy – essential for a wearable sock! I didn’t find it at all splitty, even though I was even using bamboo needles (don’t tell the other staff)! Whether you hold it double or go traditional with a single strand, give Sweet Pea a try; you’re gonna love it! “


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