No Leftovers Wanted

Drowning in leftovers? We gotchu! Did you know you can divide your sock yarn into two equal portions and knit a toe-up sock pattern to get every last stitch into your project? Check out my March #rockyoursocks2022 project (where a group of us knit up one stash sock yarn skein each month to get 1200g off the shelf and into our wardrobe!):

I started with dividing the main colour and the contrast mini-skein into two equally weighted balls using a kitchen scale and my swift.

With two equal amounts, I can then knit any toe-up pattern. I used my go-to toe up pattern, Socks on a Plane, and subbed in after-thought heel which allowed me to use up every inch of my main colour. The I came back to add in my contrast coloured heel, and knit up a stretchy ribbing to match leaving me less than 7 inches of my first half of this skein.

Rinse and repeat, and viola! One pair of socks with no leftovers to weight me down!

We even carry brands that have portion-control to help with this, such as @shirleybrianyarn sock sets with a 50g main + 20g mini that is perfect for the average women’s foot size! This 70g gram set is exactly what I needed to win this no-leftovers challenge.

Done with having little yarn ends leftover at the end of your project. Need a rescue? We’re here to help.

Drop a comment below with YOUR fav yarn-rescue hack!

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