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Warmth for Ukraine Update

The response of our yarny community has been so inspiring. With hopes to be able to connect our skills and love of creating with the struggles someone else in the world is facing, this project has proved to be a true labour of love. We have seen more donations (both in the form of warm handknits and money for postage) over the past week since our first shipment went out the door and we have a few updates to share with you.

Last week I heard from one of my dearest friends to say she was on her way from her home in Australia to Ukraine to help in any way she is able. Both panic and pride set in immediately, as she has always followed her heart but also has a family of her own to care for at home. I have been communicating with her almost daily and she has now made her way to Przemysl, Poland which is the safeport city for much of the aid going to the Ukrainian town of Lviv about 90kms away. She has been witness to the wave of refugees, the uncertainty of aid protocols, and the sadness of the separation of families. But one thing she assured me is that warm clothing is a blessing, and she has been on the lookout for me as to where our donations can be shipped.

A pair of my handknit socks accompanying my friend now in Przemysl.

Yesterday we packed up and shipped this second collection of handknits directly to the Refugee hub in Przemysl.

Here is the destination for this package…

This is in addition to the first shipment that went to directly to Olesia of @allwoolandayardwide in Ontario who was aiming to get these in the hands of Ukrainian refugees in need.

We got word that the shipment made it to Olesia. According to her recent post on @allwoolandayardwide these will be held until the Fall to go to the newly-arrived refugees, through partnership with the Montreal, Quebec branch of the Ukrainian National Federation, where they are sure to find much love.

On the international front my friend in Przemysl has shared that the cold has made warm items such as these much needed so I will continue to forward these donations to the best of my ability. She is also looking into whether there are any individuals in Poland that would be able to receive and distribute these privately so as not to overwhelm the Aid Centre directly.

For reference over the past 3 weeks we received and distributed:

  • 180+ hats
  • 23 mitts
  • 25 pairs of socks
  • 18+ shawls and other small warm knit
  • $125 in donations for shipping costs
  • Shipped off a $65 package to Ontario
  • Shipped off a $150 package to Poland

Please feel free to continue to offer any donations, and we will continue keeping our community up to date on this project.

And as much as I cannot glorify nor judge the choice my dear friend took to find herself in Przemysl, I know she was heartbroken by the events unfolding in Ukraine and felt this is something she needed to do. I know her heart is in the right place and her stomach could use some perogies.

flowers in ukraine colors
Some flowers my friend delivered to the overutilized washrooms of the Przemysl train station.

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