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To celebrate the spring and all its flowers, we are carrying Crafty Kits Felt Flowers, Simple and fun, these kits bring out a gentle, artistic side from us. Staff member Nadia tried her hand at the felt Violas and loved how the hand-painted petals added a touch of beauty to her garden.

**While this craft is great for all ages, adult supervision is recommended if using a hot glue gun and pliars to bend the floral wire.**

Easy Assembly

The wonderful thing about nature is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Petals don’t have to match, green centers aren’t all perfect stars, and curly wires are hidden away. Take your own space to make violas the way that speaks best to you.

Handpainted Feel

Nadia feels that the best thing about this kit is its recommendation to use chalk or make up to add gentle color hues. She first tried using markers and highlighters, but found the colors too harsh. After her roommate generously lent a makeup pallet, the violas came to life. For those of you at home, try out different coloring methods. There is more than enough white felt sheets to test what colors will suit your violas best.

What are you favorite spring flowers?

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