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We love spring time as an opportunity to try different fibre arts. This week we dipped our toes into the world of hand-dyed fibres. Using flower petals and dye powders, we tried out Cocoon Natural Dye Kit and dyed a silk scarf!


**Full instructions are included in Cocoon Kit**

BEFORE YOU START, soak your scarf kerchief in water for 24-72 hours. Sometimes it’s hard to think ahead, but the longer the scarf soaks, the better the dye will bind.

The dyestuff is put onto the scarf when it is still wet, so setting it on a baking sheet or a surface outside helps avoid staining houseware.

The method at which you lay out the dyestuff and then fold will impact how the color shapes turn out! For this scarf, the dyestuff was laid in a mandala to stay symmetrical.



After folding and tying the scarf bundle, the instructions state to place the bundle into a stovetop steamer for one hour. In fifteen minute intervals, the bundle should be rotated. And it was at this point that staff member Nadia forgot to make sure the water in the steamer did not fully evaporate.

If there is no water in your steamer, your silk scarf may burn!


Silk is a delicate material. So at the ironing stage of this kit, be sure not to leave the iron on the cloth for too long. Additionally, the creases in the scarf are hard set, so if you really want to set them flat, place a dish cloth on top for deeper creases.

As you’re steaming, be cautious of hot water drops dripping from the iron. These may create small stains since the dye is not fully set. To amend this, spray the cloth with water over the spot and continue to steam iron.

Each kit includes;
45 x 45cm pre-mordanted UK peace silk square,
2 x sachets botanical dye powder,
4 x sachets dried flower petals,
Hemp string,

Gift wrapped in a recycled cardboard presentation box, with a bundle dyed peace silk ribbon bow.

All the ingredients are non-toxic & just the right amount of mess making to be fun – a perfect gift for crafty types, big or small.

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