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Knit City Sneak Peek #3

Let’s be honest– how many of us have tried to knit and walk at the same time? Geo-metry provides the perfect solution!

We are excited to bring back Geometry Yarn Cocoons to Baaad Anna’s– special for Knit City! With a new array of neutral tones, these “yarn bowls” are a functional and aesthetic treat you’re sure to love.

About Geo-metry

Geo-metry is a Denmark based brand, that is rooted in the Scandinavian Design Spirit in its simplicity, aesthetic and functionality.

Geo-metry embodies slow fashion. These handmade gorgeous yarn bags are made to order in a little studio.

If you can’t wait for Knit City weekend to come around, these walking yarn bowls are up in our online store for eager shoppers.


Don’t forget, tickets for Knit City are limited and can only be purchased online for a specific timeslot. Get yours now while they last; and as always, we are just down the street if you need a dose of fibre love.

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