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Game of Shrooms

As we wandered our neighbourhood last week we can upon a great little mushroom display with an enticing QR code which read Game of Shrooms 2023: June 10th. And this opened up a world of fun! Online art collaborator Atta Boy has been hosting this annual ‘art and go seek’ event which this year falls on June 10th. Any artist is welcome to join: the only rules seem to be leave no trace and share your art. Oh, and it needs to be mushroom-themed.

Game of Shrooms is like an Easter Egg Hunt for art and celebrates the spirit of unexpected surprises. Started in 2019 by Attaboy. Artists and gatherers from Hong Kong, Berlin, Japan, the UK, India, Russia, Switzerland, Tasmania, the US, and many more participated in the world-wide event, creating a world-wide non-religious, no cost, personally interactive “art show” of making and sharing, suspense and sometimes absolute freakin’ wonder.

Last year, thousands across the world participated in their local areas hiding and hunting safely during the pandemic!
There is a google map of where you can find art drops, and its probably best to check in each artist’s individual IG to see if they have dropped any clues, but generally art is left to  be found by the lucky!

Okay, here the list of real rules:

Can anyone participate?
Yes, And of all ages and abilities. So long as you are not a jerk. And ANYONE can hunt for mushrooms, too.

Does it have to be a mushroom themed piece of art?
That’s the idea. Mushrooms are varied though and art critics have not been invited to weigh in on the subject.

Can I stick stickers all over the place?
No, The idea is that other people can find, collect and keep your art. Stickers are fun, but We don’t encourage harming property. Make something one of a kind. See below How to for tips!

What if no one finds my art?
They probably will find it! Especially if given clues and it is an original work (not a giclee print). But, if they dont find it,  it’s your responsibility to go back and grab the hidden art if they don’t. Leave no trace, be a mushroom ninja. We encourage that you leave clues and tips to friends/fans before the event! And hide near landmarks. Don’t make it too hard to find. Or too easy! Some of the best hiding spots are in plain site! All that being said sometimes folks find work but dont tell the artist. That’s why we encourage you to make 2-3 works, then hunt for others’ art!

Can I hide my artisinal product, coupon, etc?
Nah. That’s not what this is about. Take a day off from that, pause the hustle and create a one of a kind piece of art and give it away. I promise you will have more fun that way. K?

When Can I hide my art?
Starting on June 10th 2022 at 12:01 am. until 11:59 pm.

My girls and I did a couple of evenings of art and here is what we will be dropping under the @baaadannas artists’ profile:

I found this free knit pattern that took me about 2.5 hours to complete each fun guy.

Who’s gonna to join us? (I know @fibre.seed.cabinet is already game as a result of our earlier IG post! Woo hoo!). Post if you plan to hide or seek!

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