Resolutions for the New Decade

I have tried to sit down and write my new year resolution post for many weeks now, but looking back I am amused to see that a previous year’s resolution blog was also posted in February! If you follow the @baaadannas Instagram, you may have noticed I have been focusing on not starting any new year/new decade knit projects until I first make a dent into my multiple stashes of works in progress, lovingly known as WIPs. I have been known to suffer from a bit of yarnie startitis: the love to matching yarn to the perfect projects, project bags, needles and getting the joy of seeing how the project unfolds, only to squirrel the whole kit into some forgotten corner and move on to the next new project before it is finished.


So I have started a new hashtag #WIPtoFO2020 and have completed a month and a half of this new decade in the pursuit of uncovering and working on, and even in some cases COMPLETING my works-in-progress. To date I have finished two pairs of socks and a sweater, and brought the light of day to an unfinished toy, two more half-done sweaters and a mystery project. And SO many learnings! WIPs often come with misplaced patterns, unclear instructions, lost contrast yarn and missing tools… all of which make them so unappealing to restart, but also so unbelievable rewarding to conquer and complete!


All this to say that there is a reason I have committed to WIPs and not starting on new shiny things on my needles: we at Baaad Anna’s have been beavering away at a few new work projects on the community-building front that we are almost ready to share with you. Where WIPs are being focused on to reign in new endeavors on my needles, my team and I have been elbow deep in building the foundations for some new adventures for the decade ahead. Keep an eye on this blog for some fun announcements soon, but the new decade brings so new ventures, and we hope you will join us in strengthening our fibre arts community in these exciting times!

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  1. This is what I need to do, too! It’s much easier to start new projects, than to finish WIP’s, even ones that only need weaving in ends, and blocking.

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