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There’s something magical about completing a pair of socks. The whole flap/heel-turn/gusset trio never ceases to surprise me when it works, and then there’s the wonder that I got when I complete two separate sock projects before I can even wear my pair! But when you have a yarn that you love it sometimes feels like the socks knit themselves, and I especially enjoy the colour changes that a self striping yarn provides.

Yarn Enabler’s NEW Succulent colourway.


NEW spring fresh colourway: Flora.


We received a few new colourways of one of our favorite self-striping Canadian hand dyers, Amanda of Yarn Enabler. Known for her amazing Number 2 Pencil and Paper sock sets, she has also created some amazing sock monkey, hogwarts, watermelon and other fun colourways which we have stocked in the past. But check out these fun new colourways we just got in (as knit up by my store manager and I in a sock race to get every new Yarn Enabler colourway on and off our needles):

NEW! Sock Monkey in Love colourway.


NEW! Graffiti colourway.


When a customer comes in asking for help to understand how a heel turn works, I usually share my own experience of finding the first twenty or so single socks I knit to be pure magic… just follow the directions and VOILA! you get a heel on your sock. Since then I have also found the after-thought heel to be a great way to add in a second colour without too much difficulty, and have enjoyed all sorts of patterns with various heels to keep me knitting more and ever more feet-warmers!


NEW! Professor colourway.



Curbside pickup and our online store are still available for the time being, but things are changing daily. If you need some sock magic in your life pick up a skein or two while we bunker down for the next few weeks. Keep safe… we will weather this together, as we are stronger as a community.

2 thoughts on “Sock Magic

  1. Hey Paula — are the colourways for Flora and Succulent switched here, or on the shop site? I love the springtime pink and green sock so much, so I want to be sure I am getting the right one!

    1. You are right! Corrected now… the pink and green colourway is FLORA. Happy knitting!

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