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For those that still know that news comes out on paper, we are thrilled to share Baaad Anna’s Fibre Library project made the front page of our local The Vancouver Sun yesterday!


This article shares our love of community building and making our craft accessible, and I hope it will spark others near and far to perhaps build, fill or host a fibre library. What is a Fibre Library you may ask? Check out our launch of this project as well as the success we have already found along the way! We even have a map of current locations where you can find these libraries, and we hope to add more to this each month!



And if you are interested in hosting your own, or are up for building one for your community, check out our resource page here on ideas on how to get started! We want to put a call out to any woodworkers (or friends of) that are looking for a summer project: we aim to see at least 5 new boxes/libraries built, and if you don’t have a host we would be happy to help partner you with one!

Click on map to find exact addresses of current Fibre Library locations!


Help us spread the love of, and accessibility to, fibre arts!



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