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It is no doubt that macramé is a craft that is growing to be a Baaad Anna’s favorite. That’s why we are excited to bring in another line of macrame kits, ranging from beginner to advanced. These kits come from Tangled Up In Hue, an American art collective showcasing local artists– a concept we absolutely love!

In today’s blog post, we’ll be sharing staff member Nadia’s experience creating the Cinnamon Stick Macrame Kit.

macrame hanging with cinnamon stick

A small, aromatic wall decoration, this Cinnamon Stick Macrame is a perfect entry point for the macrame arts! This was Nadia’s first macrame piece, and she found this kit to be fun and quick.


New to macrame? Here are the FOUR techniques you need to know to complete this hanging:

  • larks head knots
  • square knot
  • half knot or spiral knot
  • double half hitch knots

Here is a great resource for these techniques:


While completing this kit, here are the things Nadia found helpful to keep in mind…

  • Use a weight/something heavy to hold down your piece as you tie knots. This will help keep your work flight and provide resistance as you tighten knots.
Macramé held down by desk weight
  • Do not unply the macramé as you tie knots. Similar to loosely plied yarns, twist the macramé cord to keep the ply tight and even.
  • Be mindful your strands don’t cross as you tighten your knots
  • How ever you tie your knots, like knitting or crochet, tie them consistently. For example, in square knots, if you pass one strand over the top of the other, then make sure your next square knot passes the same strand on top.
    • This is especially important for creating half knot twists like in step 15-19
  • Tension is very important. If your knots are too tight, it will create unbalanced, lopsided pieces.

Nadia’s Thoughts

On pattern instructions:

“Some steps are instructions for other steps, and not knots themselves. For example, step 29 explains how to do step 30; step 17 explains step 18. This was a little confusing at first.”

On fray:

“For the bottom fray, if you want a more natural fray, cut before untwisting the ply. If you want a cleaner, more accurate cut, untwist the ply before cutting. Tape will help secure the cord for cutting.”

On finishing:

“I’m a little paranoid about unraveling– since this is my first macrame– so I used a dab of glue on the last row to keep it secure. Don’t tell anyone!”

Preparing to cut the fray


Kit Includes:

  • premium cotton single twist string
  • cinnamon stick
  • Written instructions complete with step by step pictures
  • Access to a video tutorial!
  • Knot guide

These kits are the perfect gift for a crafty friend. Or take the guess work out of buying supplies for your own wall hanging. This includes everything you need. Just provide your own scissors and measuring tape and you’re are good to go! Your completed macrame masterpiece will measure about 4×6″. Use as an ornament or small wall hanging complete with a wonderful cinnamon smell!

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