Last Minute Holiday Hoorah!

In the frenzy of the holiday season, sometimes its hard to see the forest through the trees. But let’s take a moment to celebrate what we have accomplished together.



We built a new monthly knit-group called Give Back Sundays earlier this year to give a focus to our community giving, and to give a vehicle to fibre artists to spread the love of the hand-made gift. Blankets, cowls, hats, socks, socks, socks, breasts and mitts were knit up over the course of the year to be donated to various projects and recipients around the Lower Mainland. Some successes we’ve collectively had include: 52 pairs of socks to the Kaslo St Modular Housing, 90+ purple infant hats for purple crying awareness, many pairs of prosthetic breasts to the Knitted Knockers campaign, 39 cowls to the residents of the Powell St Modular Housing, children’s hats and mitts galore to refugee welcoming groups, a pair of gorgeous lap blankets donated to VGH, and just now 39 pairs of socks for the Franklin St Modular Housing residents, AND two laundry baskets+ of warm knitted items to be distributed throughout the Downtown East Side.

The best part? This knit group is volunteer run, provides donated yarn new life, and has encouraged charity knitting/crocheting donations from near and far — as well as from shy crafter elves that donated anonymously! Check out this basket of love that was donated to the newly housed residents of the Franklin Street Modular Housing…

This goal of 39 pairs of handknit socks was delivered to their intended recipients earlier this week. And an additional 10+ pairs were already collected for your next Modular Housing Sock goal! Stay tuned in early January for more on that!


The Giving Spirit!

In addition to knitting for others, we as a community enjoy giving and sharing of fine yarns… and in turn sometimes those that love us know where to turn for a gift for the fibre artist in their lives as well. I want to personally thank each of you that has chosen to support a family-owned small businesses such as mine. It supports my family as well as that of my staff, but also helps support other fibre artist and indie businesses that we work with, both locally and local to many different corners of the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


By shifting 1% of your spending to local businesses and products you can contribute to creating 3,100 jobs and $94 million in wages to the BC economy.



We have also had a year of fun celebrations. The trunk shows, yarn tasting events, school demos, classes, road trips and even the Advent Calendar are our way of keeping fibre arts fresh and exciting. The time put into these happenings is truly a labour of love, and done with an understanding of the importance of celebrating the skills and talents that are shown in our craft. Together we make a goal of valuing fibre arts and celebrating joy that can be gained from a simple combination of string and sticks!

With only one lonely Advent Calendar left in stock, this year’s set of a dozen hand-wrapped gifts have been a fun way to celebrate the favorite fibre artist in your life (and that can be YOU!).


We wish you all the best leading up to last of the holiday frenzy! There is still a bit of 2018 to squeeze some fun out of; make sure to take the time to pat yourself on the back for what you have accomplished this year as the true meaning of the holiday spirit is being kind — and being kind to yourself is key!

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