A Love Note to Summer

Dear Summer,

I miss you already.



This year’s summer sweater just had to be a mohair/silk held double with merino fingering crop. Every time my Instagram popped up with a Ranunculus sweater or a tweaked Tegna top, I couldn’t resist the lure of two things I never thought I would put on my needles: mohair or a crop! But when local designer Tin Can Knits published their Love Note pattern in  May, it took seconds to put together the yarn combos that I wanted to work with for my summer mom and me matching tops.

This ultra quick knit is so satisfying, and it was fun to find combos in both my personal stash and the store offerings that merged top-end and budget-conscious yarns into luxurious fabric. I especially loved mixing a speckle with a tonal or solid, and played with the different combinations of the two bases. One would be a speckled mohair with a semi-solid merino, and another was knit with a commercial dyed mohair with a stunning one-of-a-kind skein of sock yarn.



Check out our variety of mohair/silk options here, as there are so many gorgeous ways to incorporate a soft halo into your work, perfect for the shoulder-season knits of Fall and Spring here on the West Coast.

What was on your needles this summer? Did you shy away from knitting in the hotter months or take advantage of vacay crafting? Either way, today’s showers made me long for the sweet summer days, but on the flip side my girls and I were finally able to don our brand new shoulder-season knits!


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