Knit City Yarn Tasting

Having just wrapped up our first virtual/online version of our favorite event, we are ready to announce that we will be launching our second Yarn Tasting event at this year’s rebirth of virtual Knit City marketplace on February 6th.

This event’s kits include yarn Baaad Anna’s themed colourway yarn from Wild West Dye, Malabrigo, Estelle and Uschitita.


We launched an online version of our fun Yarn Tasting event for last weekend’s Fibre Love Affair event, and though it had some technical challenges, we got some great feedback that the yarn tasting is a fun, creative and educational way to showcase our favorite yarns and continue to build our yarny community. If you missed it, our Yarn Tasting trunk show will be added as a video on the Fibre Love Affair Youtube channel available here within the next week. There you can also check out all of the other vendor’s fantastic presentations.


Our Yarn Tasting consisted of four featured yarns. I invite people to cast on and knit along while discussing the merits and specs of each featured yarn, as well as offering pattern choice options and showcasing garment samples for each. The yarns selected included a variety of weight and fibre contents to showcase the array of diversity to choose from when planning your next project. Although these events are always better in person, together we made an attempt to create a new opportunity for yarn lovers to connect from the comfort and safety of home. They are free of charge to join, can be viewed at your own convenience (are recorded and can be linked to afterwards), and have the option to purchase a Tasting Pack of the yarns presented.



I’m excited to invite you to join in for a new round of yarns to put on your needles and swatch along with us! This time the theme will be based around our Baaad Anna’s custom colourway of red, black, grey and cake sprinkle. (Cause who doesn’t need more cake sprinkle in their lives??). I am also thrilled to announce that this time we will also be joined with the local indie dyer Rebecca Glazier, of Wild West Dye.



We now have a limited set of Tasting Packs available in our online store which will include 10g of four new yarns for tasting, a tasting card and some small treats. We have made these available with plenty of time for them to ship as we aim to be your virtual LYS (local yarn store) regardless of where you call home! Pick yours up before they are gone and join us!


Who’s the sharpest? It’s these pencils that indeed say: I think you’re wooly cool.




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