Mystery Knits and Stash Diving

Ever wanted to peek into my personal yarn stash? Today marks the start of one of knitopia’s premier annual events….. MKAL 2021! Stephen West’s annual Mystery shawl knit-along launching today and I decided last minute to dive into the stash to pick some colours so I could jump in with both feet. I have never done one of his mystery knitalongs (MKAL) but now more than ever I could use some creative inspiration. Wanna join along with me?



So into the stash I dived. As a yarn store owner I feel like I should always be knitting from our new collection offerings, but today I decided I deserve the joy of working with some of my ‘private reserve’, and as some yarn-lovers might label CDH (as in, just try to pry these from my cold dead hands).

Join along with me over the next few weeks as I discuss my yarn choices, how I pick colours (and reveal the mystery of ‘saturation’), share some pretties from my yarn stash and just revel in the joy that is Stephen West.



Here is how he describes his MKAL that is launching today:


It’s MKAL season! The MKAL is my annual Mystery Shawl Knit Along and this year’s shawl is called is called Shawlography. We will cast on the Shawlography mystery shawl on October 8 and knit together throughout the month of October as I release a section of the pattern each week until the final design is revealed. The Mystery Shawl is a complete surprise, so when you sign up by purchasing the pattern, you just know what types of yarn and needles you need along with color recommendations. Then, I will entertain you with a beautiful show-stopping shawl as we start knitting in October.



Join me and some of our staff and friends of Baaad Anna’s in this MKAL; you can purchase your pattern in store and we would be happy to print the weekly clues for you in black and white; or purchase directly online from Ravelry and get the clues delivered to your inbox! Either way, join in on Westknit’s Shawlography MKAL group on Ravelry and you can also find weekly workshops on his website linked here. Over the next few days I will share my stash and how I made my colour choices. Enjoy your mystery weekend!

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