Summer Snack Series

Summer Snacks, our in-house fibre arts teacher Rebecca Glazier’s short skills building workshops were such a hit last year that she has curated another collection! This year’s Summer Snack collection is running in June if you’d like to learn some new techniques or polish up on them in these two hour workshops:

Provisional cast-on and Kitchener stitch (I love Kitchener so much lol!)

In this class you’ll learn the provisional crochet cast-on, how to unravel, and then Kitchener two stockinette pieces together. Tuesday June 7th from 6-8pm PT via zoom. Sign up HERE!


Double knit workshop

Double knitting is a very mindful and feels a little magical! Join me for a 3 hour workshop on Sunday June 12th 2-5pm PT/ 5-8pm ET. Sign up HERE.


Butterfly workshop

Long, transitional colour changes, symmetrical design, short rows and striping are just some of the techniques used to create the beautiful Butterfly|Papillon Shawl by Marin Melchior.

In this 3 hour workshop and using two small amounts of yarn (44y) of contrasting colours you will learn all the techniques required to make this stunning shawl and how to navigate the pattern afterwards independently. Join me for a 3hour workshop on Sunday June 12th, 10.30-1.30pm PT/ 1.30-4.30pm ET. Sign up HERE.


Mattress stitch on garter and stockinette.

In this class you’ll learn how to mattress stitch on vertical and horizontal stockinette fabric, and, garter fabric. Tuesday 14th June from 6-8pm PT via Zoom. Sign up HERE.


Intro to Brioche workshop

In this workshop you’ll learn one and two colour brioche, a great introduction to try out this fun squashy fabric. Tuesday June 21st from 6-8pm PT. Sign up HERE.


Fair Isle and Steeking

Do you have some steeking projects you’d love to tackle but feel unsure about tackling them? Join me for a two part class where we’ll cover two handed colourwork, and then we’ll steek together! Sunday June 19th & 26th from 10.30-12.30pm PT/ 1.30-3.30pm ET.


In person natural dyeing workshop

Would you like to hand paint a skein of yarn for yourself with natural dyes? I am hosting an in-person workshop with Baaad Anna’s on Saturday 25th June. They’ll be lots of colours to choose from, we’ll discuss blending colours, using shifters for more colours and how to prepare yarn for yourself, if this is something you would like to do again for yourself! Joinj me either at 10.30-1pm or 1.30-4pm. Sign up HERE.


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