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Giving Tuesday’s Warm Things Drive LAUNCH

Tomorrow we kick off the official Warm Things Drive at Baaad Anna’s, but what better way to launch our annual donation drive than with a drop-off of 98 hats to the Larwill Place Temporary Modular Housing Site, just before the snow sets in!

Baaad Anna’s Warm Things Drive is our annual call-out for donations of warm things to be distributed to those in need in Vancouver’s downtown east side. We ask for any good condition pre-loved or purpose-made warm winter items that are not in use in your household such as hats, mitts, scarves or sweaters/hoodies. Over the past few years we have been collecting donation-knit items year round so we already have a head start, with this lovely hat donation.

The staff at Larwill Place were so pleased with this surprise, and we even got a shout-out…

I’m loving this tally of our donations of hand knits to the newly housed residents of Vancouver’s Modular Housing Program to date:

Please join us in collecting hats, mitts and scarves as part of this year’s Warm Things Drive over the next month. Adult gender-neutral hats and socks in various sizes seem to be the things most often requested, but any handknots you would like to pass along we will do our best to find a loving home for!

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